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Conservation Framing

Conservation framing uses materials and techniques that have been proven to protect and maintain the artwork in its original condition. This means that any work done to the item should be reversible.

Lazy Daisies use the following conservation framing techniques listed below:

Protection against the picture fading

Prints can fade under the light – whether the light is sunlight or fluorescent lighting. UV protective glass can help reduce the effects of light by up to 98%.

Protection against discolouration

Paper can also be discoloured by acid, water damage and pollution even when it is framed. So it is important that the framing materials used are both acid-free and protect the print from the outside elements.

We use acid free mount board and acid free backing board to prevent the nicotine staining that acid can cause.

Prevent the picture rippling

Damp can cause rippling, and so can restricting the movement of an item. Paper will expand and contract, so it is important that there is room to move. It is also important that the frame is sealed properly. We use professional paper framing tape which is less brittle, and lasts longer than alternative tapes.

Prevent damage to the print

We always advise that customers work is kept away from the glass with either spacing or a mount. This stops the print sticking to the glass, and it leaves a pocket of air for the print to breathe.

Conserving old photographs