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Guardian Picture

We Are On The Guardian Website! ⌨

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We're In The Guardian! On 9th December Lazy Daisies were given the opportunity to be featured in a Guardian article all about Christmas Parties in the workplace. We were elated at the idea of being able to get our name out there and especially in such a credible newspaper, so we began writing a short...
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Close up - framed boat with french style three tiered wrapped mount

French Style Wrapped Mounts

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French Style Wrapped Mounts We had a great opportunity to use French style wrapped mounts (this is where you wrap mounts in coloured paper and tier three levels); Here’s the close up of a beautiful serene boat painting, where we’ve picked out the detail of the boat panels to make the picture truly stand out….

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3D Box Frames

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If you're got some precious memories hidden away in a drawer, or want a statement piece to hang on your wall, you might consider framing a collection of 3D items. We've framed all sorts - from plates and medals, to shoes and children's toys.  And with the latest technology in mount cutting, combined with readily...
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Mounts Designed And Cut To Size

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Along with picture framing, we also offer a mount cutting service. We use a computerised mount cutter, so our finished mounts are extremely accurate, with neat corners, and finished in the fraction of the time hand cut mounts take. We can design and cut mounts to fit your items, and can cut lettering or decorative...
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Frame Your Wedding Guest Messages

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We've recently done some work for a wedding photographer in Stockport who offers a customised service, and one of his special services is a wedding signature print.  This is a personalised arrangement of a favourite wedding photo, framed with a large white or cream mount where your guests can sign their name and a personal...
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