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The Lazy Daisies Art GalleryArt Gallery

At Lazy Daisies we don’t just frame pictures for retail and wholesale we also have an Art Gallery within our shop in Hazel Grove

We hold a varied selection of original art, prints on canvas, Giclée prints, and limited edition prints.

All along the walls we have a multitude of already framed prints and limited editions. You may find a Banksy print next to a limited edition Anna Wright. Or an Ansel Adams print next to a David Shepherd. We truly have a varied collection of pre-framed items.

But if you don’t want a framed item then you can look through our large collection which can then be framed here if you wanted to.

Now and again, we hold art exhibitions where we showcase the work of local artists.

If you are interested in arranging an exhibition, please contact us using the form below, and Tony will discuss with you.

We also have an online art catalogue that allows you to look at the framed prints we have in store from the comfort of your own home. You can access it by clicking this link

Below you can see examples of some of the items we have in store, some are limited editions such as the Nell Whatmore items and some are simply calendar prints that have been framed to make them look like limited editions. If you aren’t looking for a framed print then we do also have a large catalogue of prints within store. These haven’t been framed but can easily be done within store if you find something you like.

Our Newest Additions