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 We Have A Small Team of Framing Specialists

Framing Professionals: Tony


Tony owns the business and has been framing for over 27 years.  Now most of his time is spent sourcing the best framing materials at the best cost, keeping up to date with the latest trends in framing, delivering wholesale framing orders to photographers, other picture framers and gallery owners, dealing with customers, and doing the bookwork.

Framing Professionals: Christy


Christy cuts mounts, stretches fabric artwork and football shirts, but she also manages the work for our retail clients. Her job is varied, and she enjoys the challenge of framing some of the weird and wonderful items that customers bring in.

Framing Professionals: Bruce


Bruce works on making all of the frames for our clients. He has a keen eye for detail when making the frames and he makes sure that they are exactly what the customer is looking for. Bruce is actually called Tony, but to save confusion, we renamed him as Bruce.



Dermont is our newest member of staff! He has been making frames for over 40 years! So he truly knows what he is doing. He currently works alongside Bruce to make the frames but at times may be found modifying the shop floor with new installations or helping Heather with putting mounts together and stretching Football shirts.

Framing Professionals: Heather


Heather serves the customers with a smile and they all thank her for her creative choices on mount colours and frames. She can also be found cutting mounts and stretching items for framing such as cross stitches or football shirts. Heather helps all by being on top of orders and making sure the framers are fully aware of what they need to do.

Framing Professionals: Ernest

Ernest (Nana)

Ernest works with Robert, finishing items and creating the presentation boxes