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We’re really pleased to be involved with another episode of 60 Minute Makeover.

This one really tugged at the heart strings, it was for a lovely family that deserved a bit of a lift.

Details of all the other furnishings are here: 60 Minute Makeover Stockport

Here are a couple of photos of the finished frame:

Manchester City Top, Boot and Glove Close Up

Manchester City Top, Boot and Glove with tank

We framed the items but did not supply them.

If you wanted to replicate this, or do something similar, you can get them all from a football shop, but you would have to get them signed yourself.

They don’t need to be signed, you can collect a few items to make a montage, a goalie’s glove, a scarf, a ticket from a match, a photo’ of the ground, a few photo’s of players, a battered old football boot, you are only restricted by your imagination.

You can bring a selection of items in & we can suggest different ways of framing them, but with your input as well.

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