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How to frame something for an art exhibition

By 29 March, 2010May 29th, 2019Art, Framing, Mounts

If you’re planning to display your work in an art exhibition, you will need to consider how to display and hang your work.  Here are a couple of tips:

  1. If the exhibition is going to run for a long period of time, it’s worth framing your work behind glass to protect it from dust and finger prints.
  2. If your area is in direct sunlight, consider UV protective glass.
  3. If you’re using a mount, use acid free mountboard. This keeps a fresh white bevel and won’t leave burn marks on your artwork.
  4. Avoid busy mount colours and frames, this is likely to detract attention from your art.
  5. Choose colours that enhance your artwork – e.g. if you have painted a lady in a red dress, you might want to use a matching red on the inner mount, with a neutral outer mount.
  6. Don’t use a very narrow mount, it will look like you’ve scrimped.  If you have a tight budget, use a larger ready made frame and get a mount cut to size, consider just mounting the items or heat sealing them on a block.
  7. Leave plenty of space between each item.  A cluttered wall will cheapen your display.
  8. Add a printed label below each piece with the title, artist and medium (and if you’re planning to sell your work, add the price).

If you want to add anything, then let me know, I’m happy to update the list!

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