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Framing Needlework

By 22 February, 2009May 29th, 2019Framing, Framing Embroideries, Needlework

lazy_daisy_1A huge number of out customers come to us with their needlework to be framed.

We’re always very careful with peoples work, but perhaps more so with needlework.  We understand that it takes a very long time to create a tapestry, some silk work, or creative embroidery.  And some of you will know that when we started out as Lazy Daisies, most of the shop was dedicated to needlework (hence the name ‘Lazy Daisies’, which is a type of creative embroidery stitch).

We used to lace embroideries, but nowadays we prepare the acid free board with plastic strips with little spikes around the outside edges, we then use Polyester wadding to pad the surface of the board (this gives the finished embroidery a softer 3D finish, hiding any bumps or knots which lie under the surface of the fabric).

We always advise that you keep the fabric away from the surface of the glass, so using spacing (shadow box effect), a slip frame, or a double mount (this gives a space for any moisture to evapourate and reduces the chances that your work will grow mould).

If you’re ambitious, you can finish your work off yourself, so that it’s ready for mounting and framing – this guide is quite useful: Finishing your embroidery

But be very careful if you plan on washing your work – we never wash customers’ work because we have no idea whether all of the threads you have used are colourfast… so it’s not worth the risk.

If you fancy getting started on a Cross Stitch but want some guidance – Stitchtastic offers stitchers the opportunity to stitch ‘something a bit different’. The range includes over 700 unique and exclusive counted cross stitch designs with something for everyone. Includes a wide range of transport designs, over 100 caricature designs and an expanding range of nature designs.

And if you would just like some more information on framing your embroidery or needlework, then please contact us or pop in to the shop.

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