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Football Shirt Framing

By 30 April, 2007May 29th, 2019Framing

Lazy Daisies are particularly good at framing football shirts. Football shirts are framed so that they aren’t crushed or creased, and there are a number of choices for frame, mount and aperture arrangement.

We use best practices in picture framing, and as such always use the best quality materials, including acid free mount board, acid free backing board and good quality frames.

If you are looking into getting a shirt framed then have a look at our Price List to see what the rough costs would be for your shirt

In the example shown, this football shirt has been stretched and arranged over board, a double mount in complimentary colours has been applied, an additional image of the football player has been added, along with a cut-out of the players’ name and shirt number.

Framed Football Shirt

Here’s an example of a different set-up where we’ve framed a rugby shirt and boots:

Here you can see the first stage of framing football shirts – that is to stretch and pad the shirt over acid free board.  This gives a nice shape and keeps the shirt from slipping when it is framed.

Padded Football Shirts Ready For Framing

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